Consumer Reports misses the mark

I read an article on yahoo today where Consumer Reports missed the mark. Here is a link to it. As is their usual m.o. they review products, this time coffee. They seem to be reviewing coffee out of bags and canisters

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off the grocery store shelf. I understand that is a lot different than say reviewing the best coffee roasters in town. With the nation wide nature of Consumer Reports this is to be somewhat expected.

What they should have done is put up a big disclaimer stating this was bagged or canned coffee and therefore stale. Consumer Reports does want to do consumers a favor right? Why not be upfront and honest, coffee loses a good bit of flavor after two weeks in whole bean and less than that in ground form.

Consumer Reports, your job is to help people understand the product that someone is interested in. Help them understand they are getting a lesser product by not going to their local roaster.

Roasting coffee beans in Eugene Oregon

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